CEDAR KEY – an island town with a fighting spirit!


Cedar Key was heavily impacted by Hurricane Idalia, but the people of Cedar Key are working hard and rebuilding, they are resilient and amazing!  People who love this place have been coming from all over to help.  Follow Cedar Key groups online and you will see that this island has touched many from all over the world.  

Cedar Key is hosting their annual Pirate Festival soon, so they are open for business and need tourist support, but some of the businesses took a tough it. 

If you would like to donate click below to see who needs help!


Help us provide an economic boost for Cedar Key through Ckey Tiki Fest this April! Some businesses said it was the busiest weekend ever to date, let’s do that again and more to support this island!

Be sure to get a hotel and golf cart as those will be the first to book up!


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