Group Kayak

One of the best ways to see Cedar Key is on the water. From the back water channels to the easy paddle over to History Atensa Otie Key, there is something for everyone.

Bring or rent your own Kayak, canoe or paddle board for a great adventure. Click here to read more about paddling around Cedar Key.

When you rent them, they bring them to the beach and you have it all day. 

Rent a kayak from: 

Treasure Hunt

The team is putting together a fun Treasure Hunt, so team up and get ready to explore Cedar Key.  More details to come, Make sure you sign up for our email updates using the form below.

Food Tour

Part of the reason Flip Flop Republic has been a band so long, is because the guys love to find unique places to travel with unique food and drinks! Cedar Key fits that bill as a funky and unique island located a few miles into the Gulf of Mexico. This means some of the freshest seafood you will find anywhere in Florida! Cedar Key is known for farming clams, so you have to try those while in town, and luckily Tony’s Seafood has won best Clam Chowder in America three times! There is also a salad topped with Ice Cream that goes back to the 1920s! We’ve rounded up some of the best foodie items to try while on the island. Check it out!


  • Palm Salad at the Island Hotel (Salad with ice cream?)
  • Mullet Dip at Duncans
  • Blue Crab Empanadas at 29N at 83W
  • Garlic Clams at Big Deck


  • Clam Chowder at Tony’s Seafood (Best in America!)
  • Clams Diabo at Steamers
  • Shrimp Pie at Duncans
  • Grouper Sandwich at Big Deck
  • Shrimp Po Boy at Tipsy Cow
  • Seafood Cardinale at Island Room
  • Mullet and Grits – Annie’s Cafe



  • Pat’s Bourbon recommendation at Bonish Studios
  • Bloody Mary Experience at LowKey Hideaway Tiki Bar
  • Painkiller at Steamers
  • Wine of the Day at Liam and Madis
  • Chocolate Pineapple Smoothie at the Prickly Palm