C-Key Tiki Fest

This is an artist led Free event. No registration necessary. Just come join us!

If you would like to help us cover the cost of this event, please consider purchasing our merchandise or giving us a tip. You can give a tip at the show or online here. Thank you for your support.

Cedar Key is a special place for Flip Flop Republic. The band began with Joe and Doug as the Flip Flop Boys, and one of their first gigs was at Black Dog in Cedar Key.
Everytime there, they leave with a story. Last time Brian from Big Deck Bar & Grill Cedar Key FL broke out the absinthe fountain for a crazy late nite!
Flip Flop Republic is working with Big Deck Bar & Grill Cedar Key FL, The Shore: Shore Life Radio and Low-Key Hideaway and Tiki Bar to curate an amazing weekend full of music and fun, with crazy things like a treasure hunt and a late night 80’s set of music!
Bring the costumes and bring your energy! Flip Flop Republic have so many friends from the good times at Cedar Key and they want to share this special place and even make more friends and memories with everyone at C-KeyTiki Fest !!!

We are planning something fun, enter your email and or phone below to receive updated info about the treasure hunt and other revent info. 

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Cedar Key - A Gulf Beach Town Gem

If you are looking for a laid back Florida vacation, Cedar Key is a great choice. It is a Gulf Beach Town Gem along the Hidden Coast with lots of fun and interesting things to do and places to see.

It has a deep island history, rich natural eco-treasures and a quaint rustic vibe that makes it one of our favorite destinations in the state.

About an hour’s drive southwest of Gainesville, the tiny enclave of Cedar Key is a quaint, old-fashioned, Old Florida vacation spot. It offers lovely beaches, productive fishing opportunities and lush natural preserves.

It’s short on traffic lights and long on relaxation, with houses and stores perched above the Gulf of Mexico on stilts, the water lapping at their bellies. It’s easy to find a tasty clam chowder and a cold brew, the people smile and wave, and the police drive spiffed-up golf carts.

The central hub of this quirky community lies on Dock Street, a scenic road that’s crowded with restaurants, bars and shops jutting out over the water on raised buildings populating its entire length.

The town’s pier is another popular spot for fishermen, as well as walkers and nature lovers. You can also take a kayak out to see the nearby islands and explore the gulf’s channels for wildlife viewing.