C-KeyTiki Fest is sold out!  Yay, but what does this mean?

C-Key Tiki is a different kind of festival in that there is not one big main stage. This festival is spread out all over the island at five venues.  This is for a reason:  This festival is designed to help you experience the island of Cedar Key and thereby create positive economic impacts for as many local businesses as possible. The island and its residents braved Hurricane Idalia but were left with a lot of damage. The island has recovered substantially since then, and will keep up that recovery fueled by your patronage. This is our first year with passes, so we do expect some growing pains and would appreciate your feedback as we grow and continue to make this a great experience! 

Please read below for more details and FAQ of event. 

  1. When will I get my pass? 

If you chose the shipping option, we will ship out passes in March.  If not you didn’t choose the shipping option you can pick up your pass at the event.  We will have a table stationed at Lowkey Tiki on Friday as you drive onto the Island.  


  1. Can we still buy a ticket?  

At this time no more weekend or day passes will be sold. There is a possibility of a cover charge instituted on a per venue basis depending on capacity sometime after show has started.  This will be on a case by case basis, and is more intended for locals who might be in town.  We also might institute a wait-list option soon. 


  1. Am I guaranteed a seat?  

No- some of the venues are small.  Some of the venues are open air.  Pass holders get first and only access to most venues, but seats could be limited.  You are free to bring your own chairs to shows at Pirates Cove and Lowkey Tiki. 


  1. What if I can’t get into a show to see an artist that I like? 

That is a great question!  This festival is designed for artists to play shorter sets multiple times throughout the weekend, so you will have multiple opportunities to see your favorite artist.  Instead of a one 2-3 hour set, most artists will play multiple 60-90 minute sets,with 2-3 artists in a row at each venue.  


  1. How will I decide which show to go to?  Why do the times overlap sometimes? 

Due to the size of some venues, there may be another show happening at the same time.  This is to give all pass holders a concert to attend, should a venue be at capacity.  


  1. What are the concert venues like? 

There are currently 5 concert venues, and we might add more. 

Lowkey Hideaway Tiki Bar – A funky outdoor space on the water as you come onto the main road of the island.  They have some large seats around a firepit, and there should be some nooks to add your chair if needed.  Amazing mixed drinks with creative bartenders and vibey atmosphere.  Has hotel rooms, an fantastic food truck and RV spots on site as well.  (shows during the day).

Pirates Cove – A group of cottages with a central courtyard under a big tree.  Limited seats, so it’s a good idea to bring your own.  Pirates Cove is going all out this year with food trucks and vendors on site! (shows during the day)


At night the party moves down to Dock Street!

BIg Deck – A small open air bar.  Probably the fewest seats of all the venues, but it is like the unofficial amphitheater of Dock St.  People jam-pack the space in front of the artists to dance while the sidewalk and parking space are filled with people sitting in golf carts.  Also, a good view across the street from the deck of Liam and Madis.  

Liam and Madis– Where it all started for Flip Flop Republic.  A small wine and beer pub in the water.  This will be for acoustic acts only, intimate and rocking!  An indoor venue. 

83 West – The newest venue to C-KeyTiki is also the largest indoor venue. The venue sits on stilts in the water with amazing views and is a culinary gem, great place for dinner and a good time! 


  1. Why didn’t you just do a big main stage?

We wanted this festival to be different.  Instead of sitting in front of a big stage all weekend, we want you to experience the island.  Take some time on the water, rent a kayak or bicycle, visit art galleries and show some love to the local businesses.   We understand the venue capacity might be an issue this first year of selling tickets, so we ask for your understanding as we get through these growing pains.  The island was hit hard by Hurricane Idalia and we can make a real economic impact by hosting the shows at venues around the island, so please keep that in mind when it comes to venue capacities. 

8 thoughts on “SOLD OUT and FAQ!

  1. Sheryl Kutz says:

    My husband & I are so excited about the festival this year! We are friends of the owners of Pirates Cove Cottages & they told us about last years festival and how much fun it was. We may not be able to make it to all the venues, but that’s ok. Cedar Key is a wonderful island & has recovered pretty well from the hurricane. Yes, there are a few places that are not coming back, but most everything is open and ready for visitors. We are looking forward to a great time!

  2. Marti Nichols says:

    I bought 2 passes but my husband can’t make it. Can I transfer his to someone else if there’s someone out there needing one?

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